JSD Ltd. is committed to helping companies implement a more holistic approach to oil maintenance. Since oil is a finite resource, its responsible use is vital to Japan’s future as a place where we can realize our dreams. We wish to make a small contribution to sustaining our worlds beautiful nature so our children can continue to thrive throughout the generations.


We are an authorized distributor in Japan of Quimica Liposoluble S.A. de C.V., a Mexican company that has produced and supplied sulfonate products as raw materials for the manufacture of lubricating oils and greases since its establishment in 1984.
Quimica Liposoluble is widely recognized in the lubricant industry, where it has established technical and commercial relationships with some of the major participants in the industry.



DELTA-XERO Oil Cleaner

DX1000, DX1525,DX Powertrain,DXO Cartridge
DELTA-XERO’s filter elements are made of cellulose capillary tubes processed from natural tree capillaries that are used to absorb water. This unique structure adsorbs particulates down to 100 nanometers (= 0.1 micron) as well as oil, keeping the oil cleaner than new oil at all times. The depth-type filtration enables particulates to be contained in the entire volume of the filter element, meaning the filter does not clog up.


Real Time Oil Monitoring System

This equipment detects abnormalities in lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, and other oils on time and with pinpoint accuracy.
Tan Delta System’s (U.K.) originally developed sensor offers on-time and constant monitoring of oil condition. The system automatically stores 800,000 measurement results, which can be downloaded at any time and visualized in a graph.


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